Mindful Cuisine

Vegan Friendly

Our Stillpoint staff feels blessed to prepare, serve and eat what we love and believe in. We love healthy cuisine that is beautiful and tastes great. We believe in fresh, local and sustainable food sources. Pair this with a glass of fine wine and a breathtaking view, and you have got the unique, casually elegant dining experience of Stillpoint Lodge.

Every day, we look at our garden and our environment to see what is ready for harvest. Using seasonal ingredients is essential. Our staff aims to be as self-sufficient as possible. Part of this means growing our own vegetables and herbs and harvesting berries. We preserve our own jams, gather wild herbs and greens and delight in the playfulness of edible garnishes. We enjoy supporting local, small farmers and growers. Neighboring Halibut Cove fishermen deliver fresh salmon, halibut and shellfish right to our dock. We have a beautiful view of Kachemak Bay from the kitchen window, and watch the fishing boats go by throughout the season.

Creativity and spirituality flow through our greenhouse, gardens, kitchen and staff. We delight in germinating many of our own vegetables, herbs and flowers in spring. Then our Alaskan summer, known for the midnight sun, stimulates plenty of bountiful growth in the garden, yielding vegetable crops bursting with nutrients. We continue to grow heat-loving basil, tomatoes, squash and cucumbers all summer long in the greenhouse. Our organic, edible garden, with its artistic layout of color and design, invites guests to stroll along the winding paths, inhale the fragrances and listen to the waterfall tumbling into the nearby pond.

At Stillpoint, food is an art form. We mindfully choose, prepare and serve everything with a whole lot of love and attention to detail. The opportunity to introduce our guests, from all types of lifestyles and backgrounds, to the world of beautiful, healthy gourmet cuisine, is a pleasure. We prefer to go light, using low-fat dairy, less butter, salt and sweeteners. But, we never compromise on flavor. We feature luscious greens, fresh, big salads and vegetarian soup options daily, rich with roasted vegetables and savory flavors. Our sumptuous desserts are surprisingly healthy.

The Stillpoint community sustains a pescetarian* diet full of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, nuts, and legumes, highlighting the ocean-sourced proteins of Kachemak Bay. Our menu minimizes other meats and excludes factory farmed stock. We avoid serving foods with hidden animal ingredients, artificial colors, flavors and growth hormones and bypass goods with animal by-products and testing. We strive to utilize products that integrate sustainability, biodiversity & environmentally sensitive practices. In alignment, you will find extensive composting and recycling practices at Stillpoint.

Stillpoint's award-winning staff gladly accommodates special diets and requests. Please notify us at least one week in advance due to our remote location.

*Pescetarianism Is the practice of a diet that includes seafood but not the flesh of other animals. A pescetarian diet is essentially a vegetarian diet that includes vegetables, fruit, nuts, grains and beans, and also permits eggs and dairy. However, unlike a vegetarian diet it is distinguished by the inclusion of fish, and sometimes shellfish. (from Wikipedia)

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