From relaxation to exploration…                                                        
                   … there's an activity for everyone to enjoy at Stillpoint Lodge.


  • Learn to Kayak: Learn the basics of kayaking in the safety of the cove, with our certified kayak instructors.
  • History Tour: Enjoy kayaking with our knowledgeable guide and learn the history of Stillpoint Lodge, Halibut Cove and the natural features of the area.
  • Tide Pooling Tour: During the low tides of full and new moons, explore the fascinating sea life found in tide pools, including crabs, octopus, and a large variety of sea stars.
  • Paddle in protected waters along with resident otters, seals and sea birds.
  • Circumnavigate the island in search of whales, sea lions, porpoise and sea birds in our safe, stable kayaks.
  • Explore secluded beaches and beautiful rock outcroppings.
  • Visit the Halibut Cove Coffee House by kayak or boat, and chat with local residents.
  • Discover the art galleries and boardwalks of Halibut Cove, and meet some of the artists .

Nature Walks

  • Take a leisurely stroll around the grounds and discover a new, amazing view at every turn.
  • Center yourself with meditation in nature or in the comfort of the Poustina.
  • Walk the path of the labyrinth, and contemplate the pilgrimage to the center and out again.
  • Tour our charming vegetable gardens, and discover what’s in season.
  • Find solitude on our adjoining wilderness trail.
  • Go berry picking around the lodge or on the trail.

Wildlife photography

  • Have your camera ready for the medley of animals that live around Stillpoint.
  • Venture down to the dock to observe abundant marine life including seals, otters and porpoise.
  • Check out the underwater world of sea anemone, sea stars and jellyfish.

Bird watching

  • Bald eagles nest high in the spruce trees around the lodge. 
  • Identify a large variety of sea birds including puffins, sea ducks, cormorants, loons and nesting sea gulls.
  • Beautiful blue stellar jays, magpies, crows, herons and mallard ducks all call Stillpoint home.


  • Discover the many places to create your art “en plein air”, using our complimentary watercolors and paper.
  • Spend time viewing the artwork of artist and lodge owner, Jan Thurston.
  • Unlock the secrets of watercolor with private instruction by Jan Thurston. (ask about rates)


  • Soak up the sun while you lounge on the lodge deck, overlooking the Kenai Mountains.
  • Enjoy a gentle, daily yoga exercise with our experienced instructor.
  • Warm yourself in our all-cedar sauna.
  • Treat yourself to a soothing massage after a day of exploration.
  • Enjoy a quiet morning, relaxing on your cabin’s porch, wrapped in the comfort of a cozy robe.
  • Check out the books in our lodge library, and snuggle up by the fireplace to read.
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