Just Noticing...
Awareness Journaling for Contemplative Practice

with Paul Ilecki

August 1 - 4, 2013

A meditation journaling retreat for contemplatives.

Meditators and contemplatives know that detaching from the story telling of one's life, and dropping into an awareness of life as it is being lived, opens up a large array of experiences and options for living not normally available to the cognitive process. In contemplative practices, the meditator comes to trust that life has an innate wisdom that, when tended to, can lift one out of the traps of insight addiction and programs of control. Awareness noticing is simply a way of holding life's experiences and awareness in consciousness (and in writing) only long enough to give those events and awarenesses sufficient attention before letting them flow by, onto the next awareness or experience.

What is awareness journaling?

Awareness journaling is a set of mindfulness and writing exercises to help the contemplative practitioner break the habits of insight and understanding and develop habits of attentiveness and receptivity. While most meditation practices develop these qualities, the act of writing awarenesses brings awareness to consciousness without attachment, analysis, diagnosis, storied insight or understanding. Awareness noticing relies on short written observations that are simply put aside in the act of turning to the next awareness that arises. In this sense, awareness "journaling" is a form of un-journaling, a habit of just noticing subtle awareness in a developing practice of expanding consciousness.

This retreat will include meditation practice, instruction, small group discussion and a silent environment. Attendees should have a meditation or contemplative practice of prayer or awareness and a desire to make aspects of that practice tangible.

Paul Ilecki, Ed.D. a former priest and monk at St. Benedict's Monastery, holds a doctorate in adult learning and development. He was assistant dean of the Graduate School at UNC-Chapel Hill. He currently serves on staff of Intensive Centering Prayer retreats for Contemplative Outreach of Colorado, conducts his own meditation retreats and workshops, and teaches reflective journaling using the Intensive Journal® developed by Dr. Ira Progoff for Dialogue House, NYC. He developed Just noticing in response to a felt need for a noticing process that more directly complements contemplative practices. Paul is president of Weaving Trust, a non-profit organization offering educational programs and retreats for personal growth and spiritual practice.
He is a musician, holding both bachelors and masters degrees, and performs as an expression of his own contemplative passage. He is a copy writer for health, wellness and motivational publications. His hobbies include weaving and spinning. Paul loves to cook. He lives in Buena Vista, Colorado.

For more about Paul…www.coloradonotes.com

Attend Centering Prayer… $595 double occupancy, $695 single occupancy

Includes: Round-trip boat transportation from Homer, a tour of the boardwalks and art galleries of Halibut Cove, 3 nights lodging, mindful gourmet meals, facilitator, tuition, kayak instruction, guided kayaking and hiking, sauna, Wi-Fi and optional spiritual direction, yoga and meditation.
(Gratuities, massage, gift shop, 3% tax, beer and wine not included.)

Receive a special savings when you attend 2 events by Paul Ilecki.
Includes lodging and meals between events.

Attend Centering Prayer &
Just Noticing

(9-nights total)
$1,595 double occupancy
$1,795 single occupancy


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