About Halibut Cove

Halibut Cove is a unique, remote hamlet surrounded by majestic mountains and tranquil waters. We experience some of the largest tidal changes in the world, and live by the phases of the moon. Our summer population nears 100 including 18 working artists, but the number of year-round residents seldom exceeds 30. We have two art gal-leries, a gourmet restaurant, the Saltry, the Halibut Cove Coffee House and a floating post office. A mail boat delivers mail twice a week. Walk up the hill to the gazebo at the top of the island, and take in the 360-degree view out over Kachemak Bay, Homer, the Homer hills and Kachemak Bay State Park. Visit the light house and watch the horses graze in the rolling grassy meadows.

How To Get Here
Halibut Cove, surrounded by Kachemak Bay State Park, is directly across Kachemak Bay from the small fishing town of Homer. Homer is approximately 100 air miles south of Anchorage, serviced by ERA Air and Grant Airlines. The Homer Stage Line provides daily bus service from Anchorage.
You may choose the scenic drive from Anchorage that takes as long as five hours because of frequent stops for wildlife viewing and breathtaking photo opportunities. For retreats, we encourage carpooling, so let us know if you are interested and we'll attempt to connect you with others who are coming from your area.

Visit Homer Alaska

From Homer, ride the Danny J ferry to Halibut Cove and enjoy a delicious dinner over the water at the Saltry Restaurant . Meet the locals as you experience the sights and sounds of our unique community. Visit our two fine art galleries, The Halibut Cove Experience Gallery and Diana Tillion's Cove Gallery then savor a cappuccino before we pick you up in our private boat.

Your view from the Danny J ferry.

The Saltry Restaurant

Things to consider when coming to Halibut Cove…

  • Cell phone reception is unreliable
  • We have no cars; boats, kayaks and floatplanes are our only source of transportation
  • There are no stores to buy film, snacks, souvenirs, newspapers or medications
  • Be aware of the inherent risk in the steep ramps, boats, docks, boardwalks and terrain of Halibut Cove

Golden leaves in the water near the isthmus

The Seasons Of Halibut Cove In Kachemak Bay

Spring is when all of nature begins to stir. It is a time of promise. How exhilarating, after a long winter, to see buds begin to appear and green shoots peeking up through the earth. Days are getting longer and the cerulean skies are filled with migratory birds returning to their nesting grounds.

Summer is the time to play! June 21st, the Summer Solstice, has nearly 24 hours of daylight. Fishing, hiking, kayaking, an abundance of wildflowers and cheerful tourists make this an exciting time to visit.

Fall, we feel, is one of the most beautiful times to visit. The leaves are turning to gold, the air is crisp and the locals have more time to chat. There is still plenty of daylight to enjoy the wilderness and bounty of the harvest.

Winter tends to be many of the locals' favorite time of year. December 21st, the Winter Solstice, gives us nearly 18 hours of moonlight. Short daylight hours offer a unique experi-ence and increase the chance to see the Northern Lights. It's a time for deep rest, candlelight and reading. Mountains are heaped with snow and the trees covered with sparkling frost.

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